Monday, September 29, 2008

What's In a Name?

Please answer all of the following questions; use specifics and make sure to elaborate.

1. Describe your reputation (with your friends, family, teachers, etc.) How important is your reputation to you? How does it affect how people treat you? What impact does it have on your behavior and decisions?

2. Think of some characters in The Crucible who are concerned with maintaining their "good" names. Describe two characters who are particularly concerned with keeping their reputations. What do they want to maintain and why? How does this affect their behavior and decisions? How could this ultimately further the conflicts at hand?

3. What are some of the reasons for the hysteria? List as many as you can think of. (you will need to think about the fears, motives, and actions of the characters to answer this)


Tiffanyvvv said...

1. My reputation with my friends is that I am an outgoing and caring person. My reputation with my family is that I’m a very busy, out spoken person, hardworking, and caring person. Over all I’m hoping my reputation is clean. Clean as in there is nothing that can go against me and a reputation that I can grow from. My reputation is very important to me within my family more than with my friends because I care what they think more. The reason why is because your family is the least to judge and if they do that means you are doing something wrong. I don’t have any ideas of why people would treat me any differently because they have no reason to. My reputation has helped me make better decisions with life, everything to school or friends. In my mind it gives me a better conscience of knowing what is right and wrong.

2. In the Crucible Rev. Parris and Abigail are very concerned of maintaining their names. Rev. Parris is maintaining his families name but mostly himself because he doesn’t want to get ousted out of the religious circle within the village. Rev. Parris seems to want to maintain a peaceful, god loving reputation that doesn't have any flaws. This affects his behavior by making him hysterical and bewildered when something goes wrong within his house. With his behavior it can lead to more major hysteria within the village because if the village sees that their leader is hysterical, they will soon become the same way. Abigail on the other hand has already had a bad reputation within the village but doesn't want it to go on. She seems to do anything to keep the affair from people in the village because she wants her name to be holy. Her craze from the secret led to her pointing fingers and her stabbing herself with a needle. As the story goes on it seems to get worse with the lies. Ultimately the further people listen to Abigail the further the lies go.

3. First it started with the illness of the young innocent girls. Salem and puritans thought no such thing could happen to there young but it did and seems to keep on striking to cause questioning of how they are living there lives. Second reason is the visit from John Hale to see if the illness is caused by witch craft. The visit of John Hale shows the hysteria because Salem needed help. Third are the warrants out for accused people around the village, it frightened the people cause no one knew who was next to getting locked up.

C to tha OLE Ken said...


C to tha OLE Ken said...

1. My reputation is pretty good. Ive had my troubles like everyone but overall i would say im pretty well behaved. My reputation is very important to me because I dont want people I see and work with everyday to have a negative view of me. Its also important later on in life applying for jobs and what not because if you have a good reputation you have alot better chance at getting the job than if you have a bad one. People treat you based on what they know about you or what they may have heard about you so its important to be in a good standing. If you have a good reputation you are less likley to do stupid things because you dont want to ruin that, where as if you have a bad reputation you will have less consequences.

2. I believe that Abigail Williams has a good reputation at the beginning, although people have heard rumors about her and John Proctor so they have begun to look at her differently. She doesnt want her reputation to be ruined further and this is most likely why she continues to tell lies.In the end her lies get bigger and eventually lead to the hangings of many innocent people. Betty doesnt have much of a reputation yet because she is a child but she is known to be a good girl. After being caught in the woods she feels like she will be in trouble and doesnt want to look like a bad person. Therefore she pretends like shes been bewitched and lies in the bed. This leads to the town believeing the girls are bewitched and also leads to Abigails lies.

3. It started with the girls being caught in the woods dancing and trying to predict there husbands. Because they did not want to get in trouble they faked a sickness. It could also be from something in the bread that we read about in the lab.

Danielle S said...

1. My reputation with my family isn’t good. I don’t get along with my parents very well, and we don’t have a lot of communication so I wouldn’t say I have a great reputation with my family. My parents are mean to me, so I am mean back and my dad especially is really ridiculous so I would say I have a ‘bad behavior’ with them. This changes my decisions on things because if I would have somewhat of a good family I would think of things differently and I would probably make different choices on some situations. I mean if my parents cared about me more I probably would care about my self a little more as well.
My reputation with my friends is good. I usually am very nice and friendly and care about my friends very much. My friends mean a lot to me so I treat them as well as I can. This usually influences my behavior and decisions because if I didn’t care about them, then I would care if I got them into trouble or let them do stupid stuff. In addition, this effects the relationships I have with authorities because personally, since I care about my friends, I would rather get in trouble then let them get in trouble.

2. I think Reverend Parris is concerned with maintaining a “good” name in the town because in the beginning of chapter one, he tells Abby, that she is lying about what they did in the forest. Then he tells her that because of her, she is making his “name” in town look bad. To maintain a good name in town he doesn’t believe Abby when she talks to him, because no body else in the town does. He also tells Abby “Abigail, I have fought here three long years to bend these stick-necked people to me, and now, just now when some good respect is rising for me in the parish, you compromise my very character.” I think this is extremely selfish because his own daughter might be killed, but instead of helping her figure out a way to get out of it, he tells her not to make him look bad. I know that if it were my own daughter I would do anything for her to make her happy and safe and I could care less if I looked bad. It just shows how selfish he is as a person. In addition, I think Abigail is very concerned with maintaining a “good” name. She first tells all of her friends not to tell anybody who was there, or what they were doing, but then later on when she was getting in trouble, she told everything they were doing. She also points fingers at Elizabeth Proctor to get her charged of witchcraft. She does this because of the secret affair with John and her. Nevertheless, she points her fingers at everyone else except herself so everyone will look at her as a good person. She is stuck up with herself making her chose bad decisions for her selfishness.

3. I think it started in the woods with their dancing and playing, singing songs, and “conjuring spirits.” Next, I think hysteria examples are Abigail pointing fingers and Betty blaming everyone for their mistakes. (This runs off the fear of letting their reputation down in the town). Another example is that they charged like 30 or more people with witchcraft (This runs off the ‘making you look good so blame other people’ motives). The last example of hysteria was when John Hale came to see the ‘sick’. This just shows that people believe so much of what others think. I bet that if Reverend Parris told everyone straight up that, it was not witchcraft there might be a chance that everyone believed him and this wouldn’t have happened.

Allie S said...

1. My reputation among my friends is good, they respect me and rely on me to be there for them and to give advice. Also my reputation with my family is good, my parents trust me because i keep them involved in my life. My extended family also thinks of me with a good reputation. For the most part i feel teachers see me as a hard working student, although sometime a little unwilling to get involved. My reputation tends to help in how people treat me. I feel like i am treated well and I believe my reputation has something to do with that. All of this being so, I don't believe my reputation is all that important. I try to do what i believe is right and follow my values rather than do things to keep a good reputation. Therefore it does't impact too greatly my behavior because i try to make those decisions on my values rather than what people will think of me.

2. Reverend Parris is very concerned with keeping a reputation in Salem as he reveals to Abigail in the first Act. He has never been held in high respect because of his speaches of damnation and hell. However, he wants to gain respect and he understands that if his daughter and niece are involved in witchcraft his reputation will drop. To keep this from happening he hires Reverend Hale to come and examine the events in Salem to rid the people of any suspicion of witchcraft. His obsession over reputation could ultimately affect his opinions as well as his career. When Hale doesn't immediately deny witchcraft, Parris could resort to becoming involved and causing things to happen that might have not happened if he wasn't worried about his reputation. In addition to Reverand Parris, Abigail Williams is obsessed with her reputation in the town towards the beginning of the play. Abigail tells Reverend Parris that her name is good in the town and that she will not let it become bad. However, her name becomes to have less respect as people begin hearing about her affair with John Proctor. She wants to maintain the reputation that she is the Reverend's niece and that she is a God-fearing individual. This affects how she reacts to the questions proposed by Parris and Hale. It finally can impact the conflicts at hand by her accusing Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft to clear Abigail's name and depict to the town that Elizabeth had something against the town, not vice-versa.
3. I believe a primary reason for the hysteria is individual fears of different characters. Parris is fearful of his reputation being demolished. Mr. Putnam is fearful of another grievence to be added to his life by Ruth's troubles. John Proctor is fearful of the hysteria itself. He is angry with the way it is being handled although that does not contribute much to the hysteria. Another reason for the hysteria is the fear of anything unusual. Puritan values are very black and white and when something crosses the line it causes for worry. Also it is caused by the fear of who will be accused, jailed, and hung next.

ashleighm said...

1. My reputation with my parents and frineds is that I like to make the right chioces and decisions and I love to have a good time and help people. I think my teachers see me as the type of person who doesn't reallly go along with the status quo and who like s to be an individual. My reputation is very important to me. Your reputation impacts the way people approach you and how they talk about you to others. I like to keep my reputation clean and simple so that people will treat me with respect and not associate me with people or things that would be harmfuol to my reputation. That is why I try toi make the right decisions and do the right things.
2. Abby and her uncle Rev. Parris are two main characters in The Crucible who are trying to keep their reputations clean throughout the town of Salem. Abby wants to make sure that there is no "blush about her name" and that people don't know about her affair with John Proctor. Rev. Parris is trying to keep his reputation clean as well because he is the preahcer in the teown and is supposed to make his lifestyle as and example to the others in the town. Both of them try to keep their names clean by trying to find a scapegoat or someone else who take the blame frot hteir actions. By doing so they can hurt a lot of people in the long run and even cost some their lives.
3. Some of the reasons of hysteria in the town is that people are always afraid of what they don't know, especially in the spiritual rhealm. I think that oeople are beginning to realize that one of the biggest motives for the trials and hangings is that people who want revenge can take revenge on whoever they want so long as they don't confess to being involved in witchcraft. Most of the motives in this play is poeople want to keep their reputations, take revenge, try to hide a secret, or do what they can to get what they want.

Marquita T. said...

1. My reputation with my friends family and teachers is pretty good I think. i mean im not the best person or anything I have had my bad and good times but who doesn’ reputation with my family means a lilttle bit less to me then my reputation with my friends and teachers because my family has to except me no matter what. reputation is very important to me. I care a lot about what people think of me.i mean I shouldn’t care that much but it is a big part of my life.reputation affects the way people treat me by the way I treat them.if I have a good reputation im sure people will treat me great.if I had a bad one everyone would probably just look down and wouldn’t reputation impacts a lot on my decisions because the things I choose to do make mehave the reputation that I do.
2. In the Crucible Reverand Parris and Abigail are very concerned of maintaining their names. Revereand. Parris is maintaining his families name but mostly himself because he doesn’t want to get ousted out of the religious circle within the village. Reverand. Parris seems to want to maintain a peaceful, god loving reputation that doesn't have any flaws. This affects his behavior by making him hysterical and bewildered when something goes wrong within his house. With his behavior it can lead to more major hysteria within the village because if the village sees that their leader is hysterical, they will soon become the same way. Abigail has already had a bad reputation within the village but doesn't want it to go on. She seems to do anything to keep the affair from people in the village because she wants her name to be holy. But mostlikely her name will always be blackend.
3. Some reasons for histeryia in the town I think are that people are afraid of what the know.the girls dancing around in the woods doing witch craft or whatever know that they were doingg something wrong but they didn’t think the wrong would have turned into something sooo bad.

CodyK said...

1) My reputation is generally pretty good I think, I think I have a reputation of being a nice, fun, outgoing person with a lot of energy who sometimes is a little to social. Overall I think I have the same reputation with my family as well as my teachers and fellow students. My reputation is kind of important to me just in the fact that I don’t want people thinking I’m mean or am a bad person. I try to avoid putting myself in situations that can damage my reputation and it has worked well up to now. Behavior and dessions have a huge impact on your reputation. Behavior and decisions are going to create your body of work which your reputation is based off of.
2) 2 Characters that are concerned with their reputation are John Procter and Reverend Parris. Both are concerned for about what the town will think about them if their secrets get out. John Procter is worried about what will happen if people find out of his affair and to maintain his good name he has to stand back basically and watch his wife be accused of witchcraft. This could easily further the conflict by ultimately Elizabeth Procter being accused and hung. Reverend Parris is concerned about what will happen to his self image if people think that witch craft has occurred in his house. He wants to maintain his job and keep anything his enemies could use against him silent. This could ultimately lead to many more innocent people being accused and killed for false accusations of witchcraft.
3) The reasons for the hysteria are :
1) The girls found dancing in the forest
2) The cauldron with the frog in it as well as the chicken being swung above Tituba’s head
3) Betty’s coma
4) People accusing others for their misfortunes
5) Staying silent out of fear for what will happen to them

Elycia O. said...

1. My reputation with my friends, family, and teachers is very important to me. I desire them all to get the real impression of who I am but sometimes I have a hard time portraying it. With my friends I am seen as responsible, but easy going most of the time. However some of my more distant friends get a different impression being that I act different around people I do not know well. To My teachers I try to be the student every teacher wants but often come off as the average student because I have so much going on in my life. With my family I am seen as very responsible even though I don’t see myself as responsible due to the fact that I know myself better than my family does. I have different reputations with different people because of something they might have heard about me, how I act around them, or how my first impression was. Never the less I try to alter what everyone thinks about me, by trying to show everyone who I really am, despite the cover up I show them.
2. The two characters in The Crucible that are most worried about their reputations are Abigail Williams and Reverend Parris. Abigail Williams already has a bad reputation because some people know about her and John Proctor’s affair, therefore; she is trying to cover up the witchcraft that took place that night. She seemed to be one of the most influenced by Tituba and she doesn’t want to admit that she sinned because she wants to keep what reputation that she has left. Abigail now has to lie, and be disrespectful to people in the town in order to save her reputation as a Christian woman. As long as Abigail keeps lying to save her self more madness about the witch crafts will go on and it will become worse and worse as the disease spreads. Reverend Parris is seen as the leader and vigorously religious man in Salem. Unfortunately his daughter and niece were the first to be bewitched which alters his reputation. He tells the doctor to keep searching for an illness even when the doctor insists it is something not human like witchcraft. With everyone in the town finding out his family members are bewitched people will start to think he is not so religious after all and his powerful leadership in the town will soon be contradicted. And he may end up an outcast.
3. The hysteria caused a lot of emotions to be stirred up throughout Salem. People never thought that young girls could be possessed it just wasn’t possible where they came from. So the citizens began questioning and becoming confused. Then when more and more people got charged of witchcraft people became fearful and started pointing fingers. Then once people started pointing fingers everyone’s morals become corrupt in the sense that what was wrong was right, like accusing the innocent in order to protect oneself, or lying to protect oneself. Sinning, fearing, blaming, power, reputation, innocence, guilt, greed, and grudge are becoming more noticeable as the play goes on and soon they will all explode, it’s only a matter of time.

Meg P said...

1. I think I have a good reputation with my friends and family. They know that I am always here to listen, determined, and I'm not afraid to say what I think if I have a strong opinion on something. I want them to think well of me so I work hard to keep my reputation a good one. My reputation is very important for me now and in the future. I don't want to look back on my high school experience and have any regrets. In order for me to keep a good reputation, I think things through before I do them, and ask myself if I would be ashamed for doing this in years to come. But, I am more concerned about what is important to me, rather than what is important to others. I don't make my decisions to please others, but to please myself. So, I am building a reputation I want, maybe not what others want of me. I think my friends and family respect me for this.

2. I think John Proctor is concerned with maintaining a "good" name because even if he does love Abigail, he won't leave his wife because he is worried about what others will think of him. To some extent, he cares what others think of him. But, he doesn't care that others know of his thoughts on Reverend Parris. So, he refuses to continue to see Abigail and says he never loved her. But, he'll say his thoughts about Reverend Parris and the issue of witchcraft. He also doesn't regularly attend church, which is against the "norm" of the citizens of Salem. He is outspoken, but wants to keep his moral values, even the ones he has broken. Because he is not afraid to speak up, I think people respect him. But, can he hide his secret forever? Another character in The Crucible who is concerned about maintaining a "good" name is Mary Warren. She does what people tell her to do and is afraid to be accused as a witch, as many people are. But, she is willing to let other people be accused and possibly die before telling the court what she knows. I think later in the book, she may feel guilty and come out and say what she should've said a while ago about what she knew.

3. The main causes of hysteria in this novel are pressure on young girls and the fear of being accused. In the beginning, Abigail refuses to give any names; she said they were not performing witchcraft. Reverend Parris and others keep pressuring her to accuse someone that she and Betty start accusing people. Then it gets out of hand and she keeps accusing innocent people. Also, the people of the village don't want to be accused, so they start turning against each other. Everyone is afraid of what could happen if they were accused and what they would do if they were. Would they turn against their true beliefs by saying they are witches? Or would they stay true to what they believe and be hung?

Amy W said...

1.I've never done anything to my friends family or teachers that would make my reputation a bad one. I try my best to please everyone and be there for each of them as much as i can, I'd like to think my friends view me as an easy going girl who i caring and likes to have fun, I'm sure my family thinks of me almost the same although they've probably seen me at my worst more often. My teachers probably don't see me in quite the same way because I'm way to wrapped up in all the thing I'm doing and i don't really open up to people very easily. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying everyone out there thinks greatly of me I've made a few mistakes that I'm sure didn't make some people happy, just like everyone else. To me my reputation is important because I dont people to think I'm something I'm not, but with that said I'm not going to change who i am and I'm not going to not do something i want to because of one some people will think of me.

2.The characters in The Crucible that have shown to be mot concerned with maintaining their reputations are Abigail Williams and Reverend Parris. Abigail for example has not only lied to protect herself from looking even worse than she already does in Salem, because of her previous affair with John Proctor. She has also risked the lives and reputations of over 30 people in the town. The other character most concerned with his reputation is reverend Parris, through out the play so far all that he is done is make sure nothing makes him look bad, he definitely is doing what ever it takes to make him not look bad he has even gone as far as to basically brainwash the town of Salem into thinking the devil i the reason for all his and everyone else's problems. He also seems to be a very greedy man.

3.The hysteria in Salem was built up by many different things. The thing that set it off was the discovery of the two sick girls and them found dancing in the woods. I believe this just set off a chain of hysteria, it was basically a trigger and excuse for everyone in the town to point fingers and blame people that have previously had a problem with them.

brynns said...

1.My reputation with my friends is a really great one. I am someone who they know they can talk to if they are having a bad day. I am also one to make them laugh and they love that. My reputation with my family is amazing. I have a mom who not only teaches me the values in life but who can also be my friend. I think that my reputation with my teachers is a good one. They are all people that I can laugh with and it’s not serious all the time. I really like that, it makes learning a lot more fun. I think that if you treat people the way you want to be treated you can get along a lot better with more people. My decisions are very mature I never just jump right into things that other kids are doing, I think “is this really a good idea?”

2.Abigail is concerned with keeping her name “clean” in the town. She really doesn’t want anyone to think that the dancing in the forest was her idea. Abigail already has had a bad reputation and she doesn’t want to own up to it. So in keeping her secrets safe, she spreads lies about other people in the town. Reverend Parris is also another character in the book who wants to keep his name clean. He is so concerned about keeping a good name in the town that he is basically going mad.

3.The hysteria started with the “frozen” girls. In Salem there days are pretty much planned out and anything that strays from the ordinary is wrong. When Mr. Hale comes to Salem from Beverly he brings up witchcraft. This makes the town mad. They start to wonder who is a witch and when they cannot come up with a reasonable explanation they start to point fingers.

Andy I said...

1) My reputation is fairly important to me, primarily because I'm not sure what I want to do yet in life and I don’t want to limit my options. A large part of a reputation is the effect it has on morals; people may have loose morals but not engage in poor behavior because of their reputations or they may have a bad reputation that causes them to act badly for lack of morals. Reputations are often a strong part of self; usually they reflect truth or become truth.

2) Obviously Abigail Williams doesn’t want it to be known that she slept with John Procter because she would become the village hag, unmarried and poor. It would be even worse for her if she admitted to trying to practice magic. She wants her reputation so badly that she is willing to give up her friends and have Goody Procter killed for witchcraft to stop her from gossiping. Reverend Paris is also obsessed with his reputation. He isn't willing to turn out his daughter and niece for dancing in the woods naked because it would hurt his reputation, he knew nobody would believe that he could work as a priest and not control his house. Instead he allows the town to get enraged over their false testimonies. Ultimately both Reverend Paris and Abigail Williams cause the Salem witch trials with their greed for a good reputation.

3) The reasons for the hysteria are: fear of witchcraft, fear of being accused, greed for land power or respect, overpowering need to have a good reputation, lust for John Procter, hate of neighbors, curiosity about death, superstitions of 1700's, knowledge that wasn't accurate, over powering belief in the devil and witchcraft, anger against a situation and people, religious misconceptions, passion of the players, racism against Titubia, revenge for perceived slights, sheep (people who are to ready to be lead), teenager girls, and the Puritan government.

katie said...

1. I think I have a good reputation with my friends, family, and teachers. I think my friends would describe me as easy going and loyal. My reputation with my parents is good as well; I think they would say I am a "good" kid. My reputation with my teachers is good for the most part. I am not someone who volunteers for answering questions and I tend to zone out in class, but they know I will put effort into my work and finish it on time. I think my reputation allows people to trust me and know I will be there when they need me. I wouldn't say I think of my reputation when I make decisions. I will just choose what I want, and if it affects my reputation, then so be it.

2. Two characters in The Crucible who want to maintain their "good" reputations are Reverend Parris and Elizabeth Procter. Reverend Parris doesn't have the best reputation in Salem, but he tries as hard as he can to keep it up to par. He knows that if he makes any mistakes that he could possibly be kicked out of the church. This affects his decisions because he will do anything to keep the blame off of himself and maintain his "good" image. I think Reverend Parris will lie to keep his image good and other people in Salem will find out about his lies. Elizabeth has a good reputation in the town, and when she finds out she is accused of witchcraft, she is shocked. Elizabeth's want to maintain her image may cause her to not falsely admit to witchcraft, which could possibly lead to her death.

3. The beginning of the hysteria began in the woods while all of the girls were caught dancing. Tituba and Abigail think that the easiest way to get out of their situation is to put the blame on almost 40 other people in Salem. I think they believe that listing people off will take some of the negative attention of off them, and Abigail becomes caught up in it, causing her to blame many people

David H. said...

1. My reputation with my friends is that I love to have fun and I am a nice person. My family would say that I am a caring person but gets into trouble sometimes. My reputation is somewhat important to me. I don't want people to think I am mean or self centered. People treat me kindly because I am nice to them. It impacts a lot of my decisions in a positive way because I try to do what I think is right.

2. Reverend Parris and Elizabeth Proctor are two characters who are concerned with their reputations. They want to maintain the good reputation they have(with their townspeople) so everyone won't shun them. This makes the characters act nice so people won't think of them as worse people. This could make the characters lie and keep on lying until one of the lies are turned down.

3. The hysteria started when Reverend Parris caught the girls in the woods conjuring spirits. More reasons for hysteria were when Betty woke up after she fainted, when Parris was yelling at Abigail after the night in the woods, and when Betty was trying to fly out the window.

manesa c said...

1. I think my reputation with my friends is good because if it wasn't good they would not be friends with me. I am a nice person and I think that is why people are nice to me. I are about my friends because they are so important to me. I believe my reputation with my family is good because I am the oldest out of three so I am always trying to set a good example to my younger sister and brother. Just like I treat my parents with respect my sister and brother treat me with respect the same way because I am older than them. My good reputation makes me choose good decisions because I know I have a good reputation in my family. I do not want to lose that so I always try to make good decisions and have a good behavior.

2. Reverend Parris definately is the most concerned with maintaining a "good" image because he is a preacher and he has to set a good example for the rest of the towns people. He wants to make himself look good because he does not want to be known as the "bad" preacher in town. Abigail is another person that does not want to have a bad name in the town. She tries to do things like blame other people so that the attention will be off of her and people will stop talking about her. She especialy wants to do that so the towns people stop talking about her affair with John proctor.

3. The illness of the young girls are starting hysteria because they all got sick at once and the towns people find that weird. Also their dancing and trying to predict things about their husbands really made people think that they were witches. As more people were getting accused of withccract the towns peopple really started believing that these girls were witches. This shows that the people are influenced very easily by what people around them are saying.

Mallory V said...

1. My reputation with my family is pretty good. Sometimes, it's rough around the edges when it comes to school and stuff like that because in my family, I'm known as the slacker which is most likely true compared to my older sister, who was a 4.0 student her entire highschool years. My family is rougher with me when it comes to school but I think they just do it because they love me and want me to succeed in life. My reputation with my family is alot more important to me then what my friends think, because in the end, your family will always be there standing by your side with whatever decision you make.

My reputation is really good with my friends. Most of my friends don't really judge one another but when we do, it's bascially because we are concerned about them. No matter what thought, we always have eachother's backs. My reputation at school doesn't really bother me, people can judge me all they want but they don't know what I'm like or how I treat other people, they just immediatly judge someone because of what other people said or what i've done. People don't really treat me differently, they treat me with some respect and know when they should back off. When rumors, are flying around about me, yeah, I get a little upset but I'm not going to take it out anyone that was just trying to help me.

2. I think Mary Warren and Abigail Williams, are the two main people that are concerned about what other people think about them. Both of them want to maintain their innocence in the village as the whole trail of witches happen. Abigail starts to become more twisted and starts to lie more often then she already had. Mary Warren, also lies but also starts to become more self-confident because she knows that whatever actions she does makes whoever she shouts out, that person is taken and put in jail.

3. I think it all started when they were caught dancing in the woods. They didn't want it to get around, so they had Betty and Ruth sick an illness and then everything began from there.

meghanns said...

1. I try to make my reputation a good one. With my friends I’m responsible but still someone to have fun with. I don’t open up easily, so I might seem a little cold, but I still can be amusing. With my family, I still don’t open up very much, but more with them because I know that I can trust them, and they can trust me. My family probably sees me as crazy sometimes because I’m not afraid to be myself around them, and they might think I am responsible too, because I always try my hardest. My teachers don’t really get to know me because I am so shy, but they get to know me through my writing. They most likely see me as hardworking because I almost always do my homework. My reputation is very important to me, but I would easily give it up if it meant I had to do something against my values. It is not the central thing in my life. It’s important because I don’t want to make people mad and I like it when people like me. Because I want people to like me, it changes my behavior to be kind towards others.
2. Almost all the characters in The Crucible are concerned with their reputations. But the 2 main characters that stood out to me were Abigail and Reverend Parris. Abigail is a young adult, which makes her want to have a “clean” so that she can find a good husband. Also, at the time this story takes place, not much goes on except gossip, so if she did something bad everyone would know about it and then they would act different around her. This makes her accuse the other women in town of witchcraft because she doesn’t want people to think she would do that type of thing. Parris is a minister and wants everyone to know that he is. He is always afraid that if he does something wrong people will not come to his sermons or think that he doesn’t represent the word of God. This makes him sing psalms with the villagers and makes him worry all the time about the people not going to church.
3. There are a lot of reasons for the hysteria in Salem. Like Allie said, one reason is fear. The villagers were afraid of witchcraft being in their town. Also, like Andy said the need to have a good reputation. Everyone thinks that their reputation is the key thing to live for when really there is so much else out there. Lastly, the hysteria also got started by jealousy and hate. If there weren’t bad relationships in the town, no one would accuse each other of witchcraft in the first place.

Anonymous said...

1.I hope my reputation with my friends and family is that I am a nice person who is trustworthy and makes good decisions. My reputation isn’t that important to me. If you worry too much about what happened or what is going to happen it can stop you from doing what you really want to do or from being happy. For that reason I think people tend to see me as a little easier going. It also causes me to make decisions based on my feelings and not the feelings of others.

2.I think Abigail Williams and John Proctor are especially concerned with their reputation in the book. Abigail is faced with a threat to her reputation when she could be accused of witchcraft. John Proctor wants to keep people from discovering his affair with Abigail. They both go about covering this up in vastly different ways. Abigail blames and accuses others to distract from her, while John Watched painfully from the sidelines. This could lead to both of them being discovered.

3.I think there are many reasons for the hysteria in Salem. Jealousy, greed, power, and self preservation are the roots of the decisions that the people made to cause the town to resort to the hysteria.

shelbys said...

1. My reputation with my friends and family is very important to me. I always want the people around me to respect and understand who I am. The way i act around friends and family is just my personality and who I am but around teachers and people I don't know I like to make a good first impression. I base my decisions on what I want people to think of me and how they will react to what Im doing.

2. The two characters in the Crucible that are concerned with maintaining their good names are John Proctor and Abigail. Abigail already has a bad reputation with the village. She seems to do anything to keep the affair from people in the village because she wants her name to be respected. Her secret led to her pointing fingers and her stabbing herself with a needle. As the story goes on it seems to get worse with the lies. The more the story goes on the more people believe her and the more they believe her she makes up more lies. John Proctor on the other hand wants to be known as the hard working man supporting his wife and is fully respected by the towns people.

3. Some of the reasons for the hysteria starting are because of the girls that were found dancing in the woods and doing weird rituals with Tituba. After being caught they all got scared they were going to be hung for witchcraft so instead they faked a sickness and have been lying to the town.

ky k. said...

1. My reputation with my friends, peers, and family is that I am caring, kind, competitive, and that I smile a lot. To me having a reputation isn't everything and it is better to have good character than just a good reputation. What you do when no one is watching partially shows your character, but if you have good character you will usually have a good reputation. My reputation is important to me, but I would rather be myself even if it hurt my reputation a little because I think too many people these days try to be people that they're not. I think people are nice to me because I have a good reputation for being nice to others. Although this might have a little impact on my behavior and decisions I try, for the most part, to do what I think is right and to me myself.
2. Some characters in The Crucible like Abigail and Reverend Parris are concerned with their "good" names. Abigail doesn’t want to admit that she was involved with witchcraft because she knows how big of a deal it is in Salem and how it’s a hanging offense. Since you can confess it seems that it would be okay if you knew it was wrong and have changed, but she doesn’t want any bad reputation to her name. Also the affair she had with John Proctor ruined her rep. with that family and probably hurt her with many others. Reverend Parris also doesn’t want a bad “name”. First of all he didn’t think that he should go talk to the town when the hysteria was first starting and finally did because he got persuaded to and thought it would be better for the people. He also wants to find the person the supposedly bewitched his daughter. He doesn’t want his name and his family’s name to have a bad rep. because his daughter is a witch. Since he saw the frog, and the girls dancing in the forest he thinks they had something to do with it and just starts accusing people, Abby in particular. He pretty much puts words in her mouth to get her to confess, even if it means serious consequences for her.
3. The ways Parris accuses Abby and the girls partially causes the hysteria, and also how he finally gets Abby to confess about the witchcraft that they were doing in the forest, but more how it was the other girls. Then when Betty first gets up and acts all crazy, and then together they both start blaming people for the witchcraft. All of these parts contribute to the hysteria. The overall reason for this is that Abby and Parris are trying to save themselves but end up causing this to happen.

Bri R said...

1. My reputation is good with my family I guess, we don’t all get along most of the time but they know I’m a pretty smart and decent kid. My rep. with my friends…I would hope its good, as far as I know I’ve never done anything for my reputation to be bad. I think they see me as a pretty laid-back and good person who cares a lot about her friends, but you’d have to talk to them. My rep. with my teachers changes each year and is different with each teacher. In one class I might be loud and talkative because I know a lot of people but in another I might be quiet. Also, depending how much I enjoy the class, my participation or homework may be excellent or lacking. So to different teachers I may have the reputation of the slacker or the over-achiever. My reputation is sort of important to me because it’s how people see me. I don’t want to be seen as someone I’m not and its frustrating when some people misconstrue what I may mean or represent. I’m not going to change because of that, but I do try and fix the miscommunication depending on the person.

2. John Proctor is definitely someone who likes his reputation. He hesitates to reveal Abigail Williams as a fraud because of the possibility of having to tell of their affair, which would ruin his good reputation. He wants to maintain his proud reputation of a stern and opinionated man without telling of his affair. Abigail Williams is also someone who wants to maintain her reputation. She already is seen as a lowly servant girl by the townspeople, but she doesn’t want people to know of her affair with John Proctor and be seen as a whore. So she now has a chance to be seen as a victim of witchcraft, given power to accuse anyone she wished and be believed.

3. Power is a big reason for all the hysteria. The girls are given the power to condemn whoever they wish, the townspeople are given the power to testify against old enemies and rivals. Vengeance is also a reason. Abigail Williams wants revenge on Elizabeth Proctor so that she may take her place as John’s wife. Townspeople want revenge on each other for old arguments and bickering over many petty things. The hysteria is there because people can manipulate others to benefit themselves.

Gereon H. said...

1. It's easier to write about my situation in Germany, because my family is there and I'm more used to that environment. In general I'm a reputable person who respects also other people. In my school in Germany I was in charge of the technical support and the most of my teachers gave me credit for this. Except one teacher, I had a heated argument with her. At that time reputation was unimportant to me, because the whole class and I knew that I was on the right side. The argument is still going on, because she doesn't want to seem inferior to me and I don't want that lies can triumph. If reputation wasn't important to me, I wouldn't keep on arguing with that teacher. And this shows how it can impact the behavior. I'm also exerted to care about my reputation, because it can get you advantages. For example in the same situation there was a discussion where also my class teacher (In Germany we have another system; you don't have those teachers at Arapahoe) was present. He liked me and didn't like that other teacher and was always on my side. Without my reputation it would end worse for me.
In my family it's not like this. I don't care as much as outside my family about my reputation. We know each other and don't need something like reputation.

2. John Procter has a big and "good" name in the town, but he isn't concerned with maintaining his name. By contrast, Reverend Parris and Abigail Williams care a lot about keeping their reputations. They doesn't want to countenance that their names are drag in the mud. Reverend Parris doesn't want anybody talking about witch craft until Mr. Hale affirm it. He isn't affected directly but his name; Betty is his daughter and he can't permit witch craft in the house of the minister.
Abigail was questioned about being a witch. She wanted to protect herself with lies and let other people die for witchery. She is an official of the court and just pleads for her interests.

3. The first cause for the hysteria is that there are just people who believe that Betty flew and that there is witchery in Salem. The next step is that blamed people blame other people just for protecting themselves. The people are afraid of getting indicated. After a while over hundred people were brought to jail and nearly seventy were sentenced to death. The town "Salem" is getting crazy; everybody is blamed for anything without many causes. And every time the court searches for proofs that you are a witch and doesn't search for arguments that you aren't. People who just did one comment sometimes have to regret it, because maybe one person thinks he could be a witch. And if you are blamed it is hard and nearly impossible to discharge himself.

Kris F. said...

Basically everyone I know sees me as a fun, energetic, and outgoing kid. I like to be able to make people laugh so that reputation is very important to me. Life is too dull without laughter, so I always try to liven it up. I will do basically anything to brighten someone's day which leads me to do many stupid decisions. I will dress up like Cat Woman, try to jump over a bush I know I can't, run around with my ninja hood up, etc. Life should be about helping others, and if I can do that by acting like an idiot then its worth it.

Reverend Parris is very self conscious about his appearance in the eyes of the community. Parris is very greedy and wants to have power and be viewed as a superior to others. He tries to manipulate others like Abigail to tell him witchcraft was being used so that he would not be taken out of power. This made things go out of hand, because he would do anything, or blame anyone to keep his power. Another character is Abigail, and she is scared about her name becoming bad in the village. After the incident with John Proctor and having sex with him, and the witchcraft thing she would do anything to look good in the village. She then blames other people for the witchery and then looks better in the community.

Reasons for the hysteria were the girls dancing around at night and then pretending to be under witchcraft in order to stay out of trouble. Next, Hale and Reverend Parris decided to check for witchery and had others accuse each other which started the chain of accusations.Finally, everyone being thrown in jail or hung made people even more frightened and helped aid in the hysteria.

Chelsea S said...

1. My reputation with my friends and family is being lazy, funny, caring, and just good moral values. My reputation is very important to me because I wouldn't want to have a bad one. Well they know that I'm a very honest person and anything they ask me I will give the truth, people tend to be equally as honest with me. The impact I would say is big because I look at everything from a pessimistic point of view but I try to make good decisions and think about who those decisions will affect.
2. Abigail wants to maintain her good name as not being a whore but that kinda changes when John Proctor tells of the affair in court. She goes a little too far to keep her good name by saying women in the village are bewitching her and others. Proctor also wants to maintain a good name by standing up for what he believes in and he does that by getting hung for not confessing to what he didn't do. It affects their behavior, for Abby at least, in a bad way because she starts to blame people to get what she wants. John Proctor's decisions ultimately lead to his death but maybe his death could lead to a better outcome.
3. Some reasons of hysteria might be that these people are really religious and don't want to corrupt their thinking in any way so they come up with a scape goat. A simple action got out of hand and the girls got scared and when they didn't know what to do they went along with the assumptions of witchcraft.

Katie H. said...

1)My reputation with my friends is that I'm funny and outgoing, but I also know when I need to be quiet. My reputation with my family is that I'm hard working and always try my best. My reputation with my family is more important than my reputation with my friends because I know that my family will always be there, where as my friends probably wont be. I will only have the reputation I have now for about another year and a half and then I can have a clean slate. And even now my reputation with my friends isn't set in stone. I think it affects how people treat me by whether they have heard if I'm nice or not, or based off of what their reputation is. Basically if they can relate with me or not. It impacts my behavior and decisions a little, but i mostly try and just be myself and not let what others think of me hold me back.

2) Reverend Paris is definately concerned with maintaining his good name. He doesn't want people to find out that Abigail was one of the girls dancing in the woods, and he also doesn't want everyone to start thinking it's witchcraft. If they do start thinking that it was witchcraft, then he will lose his job as reverend, and everything that he worked for will fall apart. Another character that is concerned with keeping his good name is John Proctor, because he doesn't want to admit to having the affair with Abigail. He knows what everyone will think of him if they find out. He also knows that it was wrong and against the church, but I think that he is just denying Abigail so that his name wont be smudged with his bad actions. This affects their behavior because they might not do what is the right thing, but do what they can so that it wont affect their good names.

3)Some of the reasons for the hysteria are that they don't really know how to explain what is happening to the girls, so they point fingers and make up stories so that they have an explanation for it. Then when everyone starts pointing fingers, no one does anything to try and stop it, and soon its out of control. Another reason for the hysteria would be that Abigail is jealous of Elizabeth, so she makes up stories about Elizabeth. No one really knows how to handle it so they just go along with it. Other people don't want to be accused so they accuse others before they can be accused themselves.

lMeyer said...

1) I would hope that my reputation is good among all, however everyone makes mistakes. My reputation with my friends is that I like to have fun, and hopefully that I’m someone they really enjoy being around. My reputation with teachers is that I’m a good hardworking student. My reputation with my family is good, but it is both my most important and least important reputation out of all. It is my most important reputation because inevitably they are the ones that I will know forever, however it is also my least important because I know that whatever I do they will still be there for me. My reputation is fairly important to me because I want to be thought of as a good person, but I don’t obsess over it to the point that if there is a blemish on it, it is the end of the world, because I do think that reputations can change over time. I think that reputations really do affect how people treat you; for example, if you are an ex-con people will never treat you the same. It will be harder to get a job, find a place of living, or getting people to trust you, etc. If you have a bad reputation people might treat you, or think of you negatively, even if they haven’t gotten to know you. I don’t think that my reputation has an impact on my behavior or decisions. I do have reasons behind the way I act or the choices that I make, but wondering what other people will think is not one of them.
2) Reverend Parris is very concerned with his reputation. Reverend Parris is concerned with his household maintaining a good Christian name, free and clear of accusations of witchcraft, because as Parris said, “for surely my enemies will [know], and they will ruin me with it.” Also Parris stated, “Abigail, I have fought here three long years to bend these stiff-necked people to me, and now, just now when some good respect is rising for me in the parish, you compromise my very character.” Parris wants to maintain, and gain the confidence of the people. This affects his behavior and decisions, because he does not want a word spoken about “unnatural causes” in the beginning of the story, and later he jumps on any scapegoat that arises, so he has a chance of not looking bad. This furthers the conflicts at hand because it helps spread the hysteria.
Abigail is also concerned with her reputation, because she insists that “There be no blush about my name.” She is concerned with maintaining her innocence of performing witchcraft. This affects her behavior and decisions, because she threatens to kill some of the girls if they talk about what they were really doing in the woods. This furthers the conflict at hand, because it increases the web of lies she has tangled to keep her innocence.
3) The reasons behind the hysteria are: fear of witchcraft, superstitious beliefs, fear of being accused, greed for power, respect, and land, fear of gaining a bad reputation, lust for John Procter, hate of neighbors, unadvanced/inaccurate knowledge, emphasized belief in the devil, racism of people of color, revenge, teenaged girls, the Puritan government., jealousy, self preservation, pressure on young girls, and the fear of being accused.
“The witch-hunt was a perverse manifestation of the panic which set in among all classes when the balance began to turn toward greater individual freedom.”
“A long overdue opportunity for everyone so inclined to express publicly his guilt and sins, under the cover of accusations against the victims.”
“Long-held hatreds of neighbors could now be openly expressed, and vengeance taken, despite the Bible’s charitable injunctions.”

Maria A. said...

1.) My reputation is pretty important to my friends, family and teachers. I come off as a sweet, sometimes talkative and a girl who likes to laugh. That is considered a good and healthy thing to come off as in other people's eyes. My reputation has me choosing on good decisions and fun behavior.

2.) I think Abigail Williams has the hardest time maintaining her name, because she wants people to believe a lie she is holding instead of the truth. Betty is not mentioned that much in this book, but she is shown in other people's eyes as a good child with a well held reputation. Another character who wants to keep a "good" name would be Rev. Parris because he is one of those guys who is very protective and has a hot temper. He is trying to find out who did witchcraft on his daughter and that brings out a bad scene on his own reputation.

3.) Reasons are...the weird things happening in the forest with the animals, fire, chants, and a girl taking her clothes off, then a girl in a "deep" coma, then her trying to fly, being accused of witchcraft and a big one, fear.