Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is the value of learning?
2) What is your role as a learner?
3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
5) List one expectation you have of this class (what will make this a great class?)
6) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?

P.S.-Be specific. Please don't just say vague things like, "have fun"-what does that look like/feel like? Use active verbs.


ashleighm said...

1. I think the value of learning is to
2. My role as a learner is to take in everything that I learn and apply what I learn to everyday learning and experience.
3. a. I think a "good" student does the above, and also shows other students how to apply their learning as well.
b. I expect everyone in the class to help each other and put forth their best effort into the class.
4. A good teacher is always ready to help their students and make sure that they fully understand the material they are teaching and that they have patience and understanding. A good teacher finds ways to make the class fun and tries to get everyone involved.
5. I expect to leave this class knowing more than what I knew when I came in and how to use what I have learned in the future.
6. I think that in order for this class to be fun and have a good learning environment, the students need to be respectful of the teacher and others around them, responsible for their actions and assignments,willing to participate, and be prepared and ready to learn.

Marquita T. said...

1. i think that the value of learning is to grasp something in life.that you will remember forever.
2. my role is a learner is to use everything that i have learned in my future.
3. what constitutes a good student is doing the above and beyond.
4. from a good quility teacher i expect for the teacher to be true to the students, teach us what we need to learn and help us when help is needed.a teacher really should understand their students.
5. one expectation that i have in class, is to learn more then what i came into class knowing.
6. this class needs to be respectful, responsible for their actions and assiments in order for a productive, fun, learning enviorment to exist.and everyone should enter the class with a good attitude or atleast just a smile on their face.

Chelsea S said...

1.The value of learning is to further better yourself and obtain knowledge that you can use to your advantage in the future. 2.To obtain knowledge and retain it. 3.To put in as much work as the teacher is because they are here to teach us and if we don't make an effort we aren't being very respectful. We should also be prepared and actually put thought into our work. 4.To give us something to walk away with. 5.To learn how to write well and better understand literature. 6.It needs to be hands on, lots of examples, and just an overall fun environment because students get bored really fast and tend to not put their best effort into things once they lose interest.

Maria A. said...

My learning style is more visual and hands on learning than anything other type of learning. My role as a learner would have to be to try my best and understand the subject more than just trying to memorize, which is what I am trying to work on right now. I think what consititutes a good student would have to be trying your best, listening, and basically just following the right directions and you will end up on the right path. I think a good quality teacher would have to be someone who likes to have fun with the subject, and explain things and make sure every student gets it before moving on. This class would be great if everyone contributes to the activity that day, and just be happy once you enter the class room and that would make a great and happy enviornment. This class all needs to listen to what others have to say including the other students, don't cut others down on what they have to say, and have connections to others and the source from the work done before and it will make it a more fun and productive class. I have a hard time sometimes to listen to lectures the whole entire class, thats why I don't do well in history classes but if we do some activites and maybe learning games it would make it more fun and probably more fun for the other students also.

C to tha OLE Ken said...

Learning has many values to it but mainly it helps you become succesful once you get out of school and try to get a job and make money. My role as a learner is to be courteous twoards teachers and pay attention to prepare for later on in life. A good student is one who listens, is respectful, and completes all work on time, and that is whats expected of me and my classmates. Some people may struggle with tests but that dosent mean theyre a bad learner.A good quality teacher is one that is succesful of getting the message across to students any way they can. As long as the students understand the material and learn new things then the teacher is doing a quality job. I excpect to learn new things. Everyone fulfilling their roles as students and teachers is what will make this a great class. Students need to pay attention and do theyre work on time. We also need to respect our teachers and peers and everyone needs to give opinions and particapate. If these things are done the class will be fun, productive, and everyone will learn.

brynns said...

1. I think the value of learning is to walk away into the world with new things. Meaning new ideas, new thoughts and a new outlook on things.
2. My role as a learner is to pay lots of attention to the new things that we are learning and to be able to teach them to other people.
3. A "good student" is one that knows the material front and back. A student who can teach the lessons to other kids in their own words. From my classmates I expect them to want to learn and to come to class prepared to learn not to talk.
4. I expect a teacher to come to class ready to begin and not spend all of our time wondering what she is trying to teach. I want a teacher who knows the material and doesnt just read it out of a book.
5. This class is already going to be great we have lots of kids that come ready to learn and we can have tons of fun doing it.
6. We as a class need to be able to stop talking and learn. It shouldnt take the teacher ten minutes to quiet us down.

Tiffanyvvv said...

1. The value of learning is to have the chance to better your life now and in the future, it can also help others along the way.
2.My role as a learner is to take advantage of any opportunity that can arise within my grasp.
3.In my opinion a good student should consist of a person that wants to learn and listen. I expect myself and fellow classmates to be open-minded about other opinions and respect everyone.
4. I think a good quality teacher should also have a open mind and will always take the time for any student that needs help.
5.One expectation I would like to achieve in this class is a new view on writing/English literature and to learn how to write better, of course.
6. This class just needs to listen to everyone with open ears, be responsible, and have respect for everyone.

manesa c said...

1. I think the value of learning is understanding what is being taught to you and remembering it forever.
2. My role as a learner is to pay attention to what is being given and take in as much as possible.
3. I think a "good" student is someone who asks questions when they dont understand something and gives their opinion to show people how they feel about things.
4. A good teacher should always be patient because sometimes it takes some students longer to understand the material than others. Good teachers so also always look for better ways in teaching the material that they have.
5. Having fun but at the same time learning stuff that I can actually use in the real world.
6. To make this class productive, fun, and a learning enviroment I think students should participate and always put in their own input because knowing what others think is important. Students should always ask questions when they dont understand something.

Mallory V said...

1. Personally to me, the value of learning is where something to taught to you and where you can actually use it later on in life. Like, maybe your job or maybe teaching someone else.
2. My role as a learner is to basically pay attention and actually absorb everything that is being taught.
3. A "Good" student to me is someone that asks questions all the time. I expect everyone and myself to help one another when someone doesnt understand.
4. I expect a good teacher to listen to everyone and have a very open mind on everyone's opnions on things.
5. To become alot better writer then I am right now.
6. This class just needs to listen to everyone with open ears and being able to get through what the lesson was today.

Lucy P. said...

1. I think that the value of learning is not only to understand what is being taught to you, but to apply it into your lifestyle every day. Learning means nothing if you don't use it.
2. Personally, my role as a learner is to find meaning in everything that is taught to me. There's always a deeper meaning to be found in something, but most people tend to just scratch at the surface.
3. In my opinion, a "good" student isn't always the student who get's straight A's and takes perfect notes. A "good" student to me is someone that engages in conversation, looks for and grasps the deeper meaning in things, and makes every effort to use it in all aspects of their life. In the long term, a grade is just a letter. You won't remember things like that. In the long run, you'll remember what you really learned.
4. In a subject as broad as English, I think reading and regurgitating information doesn't really help us learn. Rather, a good teacher should encourage students to interpret what they are reading. A good teacher should not be afraid to share their opinions, but should not try to force their opinions on their students.
5. In order for the class to be great, I expect that everyone will be open-minded, share their opinions and discuss other's opinions with them.
6. In my experience, the best learning envoirnments have been very hands-on, and interactive with the other students in the class. However, when individual work needs to be done, the students can stay focused and on task.

Danielle S said...

1. The value of learning to me, means that you can use the information you learn later on in life to use to better yourself and to make more of what your learn. I think learning prepares us for the outside world as well as for college and other things that will pass us in our life.
2. My role as a learner is to understand the concepts and if not then to go out of my way to understand them. Once I understand them, I should be able to use this information on everything applied to the class or applied to the specific tasks.
3. A good student is willing to go out of there way to learn, but most importantly is willing to learn. You have to want to understand and want to try to get help if you don’t get the topic or things we are learning. If you are not willing to expand your thoughts then you wont be able to hear other peoples opinions or ideas.
4. A good teacher consists of teaching what he/she knows and can make us learn something we haven’t already been taught. Not only that but realizing not everyone will understand what you are saying that exact moments so to except questions and comments and not getting mad when students do.
5. I really personally just want to enjoy reading books without being forced. I hate reading and I hope that the activities and books we read are interesting, and if they aren’t then somehow you make them fun.
6. I think it’s a productive class when people speak up and participate in activities. Its good to have an open mind class and I think everyone should at least try ad have fun to learn and participate. But at the same time people need to have a good attitude towards others, the teacher, and the assignment. The students should just be willing to learn anything and not let anything get in the way of learning with a positive attitude.

Anonymous said...

Learning prepares us for the future. What we take from school and every day situations influences every aspect of our lives to come. College, our jobs, our income, and the skills we acquire are big examples of how learning greatly effects us. We are always finding out new things whether we know it or not. Our lives in a way are a constant learning process.
As learners we all have the role of turning what we see and do into something that can improve us as human beings; so it would be safe to say that the most important thing for students to do is to always put their best effort forward. Applying yourself to your work and studies makes a learning environment where you can be enthusiastic and successful in school.
The same should apply for the teachers. I would expect teachers to put their best effort forward to guide students in their learning. I think the most important thing that a classroom should have is respect for one another. If students and teachers work together and try their best, it won’t be hard for there to be a classroom environment that is fun and educational.

Davidisman said...
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David H. said...

The value of learning is that you are more knowledgeable and skilled than you were before you learned the information. My role as a learner is to take in the information the teacher is teaching and understand it. I have the roll of paying attention and not making it harder for others to learn. I expect that everyone respects others learning needs. I expect that a good teacher encourages his/her students. A good teacher will make his/her teachings more enjoyable so the students have more interests in listening and learning. I expect to learn more than I know coming into this class. I expect that in this class, everyone will respect their classmates and have fun.

katie said...

1. I think the value of learning is so you can become a knowledgeable person in all aspects of life, not just to get through school and land a decent job.
2. My role as a learner is to obtain as much information as I can, and apply it to everyday situations.
3. A “good” student respects their fellow classmates and teacher. They would participate in class, and their school work would be done well and on time. My classmates and I must all put in a team effort to make our class successful. We will need to respect each other and you.
4. I think a good teacher is one who assigns enough homework for my classmates and I to understand the content, but not so much that we are stressed out and cannot handle it. I think a good teacher shows the students how to do something, rather than tell them how to do it.
5. I expect this class to further enhance my writing skills. I want to be confident in my writing and not worry about if I used a semicolon in the wrong place, etc.
6. I think for this class to be fun we should do interesting and creative assignments. English classes and easily become boring for me when a teacher tells the class to read this many pages in a book and write an essay about it.

lMeyer said...

1) I believe that learning is of value, or worth while, because every nugget of information that gets stuffed into our heads can be used or retrieved if need be. It may even spark an interest that would not have occurred otherwise.
2) My role as a learner is to keep my ears and eyes open, to soak up as much as possible, and be open to learning things that may not necessarily be the most comfortable for me.
3) I believe a "good" student is one that truly tries their best. However I don't think it is all about grades, because someone can get an A but maybe not put forth their best effort, where someone else could only get a C when they worked their but off and tried their very best. Along with trying hard I also expect myself and my classmates to just be respectful, relaxed, and open minded.
4) What I expect from a good teacher is that are always 102% prepared. I expect that they know the material they are trying to teach better than the back of their hand, that they are understanding, and that they are always willing to help. Also a true quality teacher is one that always tries to explain things in as many ways as they can, since not everyone’s thought process works the same way.
5) I expect this class to fun, challenging, and worth while.
6) For a productive, fun, learning environment to take place everyone needs to be respectful of each other, be willing to participate, accept and go for challenges, and be laid back and calm.

Addie S said...

1. I think that the value of learning is to further extend your knowledge of things so that you are able to grasp things easier in the future.
2. My role as a learner is to obtain information keep it and just not throw it away.
3. What constitutes a good student is paying attention and putting your best effort forward. A good student doesnt distract others from learning.
4. A good teacher needs to make class worth while. A good teacher needs to keep the students atteniton.
5. One expectation I have of this class is to better comprehend literature and to actually know what Im reading about.
6. This class needs to have lots of examples and hands on work. I personally tend to get very distracted if things begin to get boring or slow.

Meg P said...

The value of learning is knowing that this is going to help you in the future. It is one’s choice to choose what they do, but whether it’s working at Burger King or being a doctor at Littleton Hospital, learning and knowing about the job and training is required. What students learn in school now can help in the future. Hopefully, students are learning not because they are forced, but because to get the job of their dreams, they must work and learn as much as possible to be the best they can be. My role as a learner is to take as much as I can from what I am learning now, so that when I go off to college and then possibly go to medical school, I will be more prepared. I know I need to be prepared because the entire world is competing against one another and I know I am in this competition now as a student, and later in life as maybe a doctor. To help get the most from my learning experience, I must do my best to come to all of my classes and listen to what my teachers have to say because they are our “coaches” in this competition as of now. I know studying will be a very important part of my role.
As a teacher, I hope you will help us learn more as writers and readers. It is important to be a good writer everywhere in life. Applying to colleges, applying for jobs, and communicating with others all require writing. Reading will help to enhance vocabulary which will help us in many ways such as writing. I think that reading books that interest us as students and doing writing assignments that will get us more involved in the assignment will not only make this class more fun but more successful. I think discussions that get everyone involved instead of lectures will help to have a more fun environment. Students also need to respect the teacher and classmates and listen to what others have to say.

Bri R said...

The value of learning. Some would say we go to school to benefit ourselves by getting good grades and to prepare for later in life. Sure, they’d be right. But school is not the only place we learn. Pretty obvious I know. As most organisms do, we adapt and improvise in order to survive in our environment, although we may not have it quite as hard as those lower on the food chain, we are still constantly learning how to act and how to react. Knowledge is very valuable in our society. I would say that the value of learning is to use what you know in order to survive in a world that is harsh and judgmental. To expand your brain and to be successful in life.

My role as a learner is to work as hard as I can and ask for help when I don't understand something. To absorb and retain the important information that I will use later in life. But still have the ability to think for myself and voice my opinions.

A "good" student would be a person who is hard working, courteous and respectful to everyone else in the class, which is what I expect from myself, and my classmates.

I learn best when the teacher is laid back, understanding, and has a sense of humor because it creates a fun environment where I can feel comfortable expressing myself.

I want this class to be fun but still reasonably difficult. I want a challenge. I want to come away from it knowing that I have learned something useful and have bettered myself.

This class needs to be challenging and hands on. I hate classes where the teacher is just talking the whole time about things I'm going to zone out or forget once I walk out of the room. We as students need to be included in order to learn and to retain that knowledge. If its just the teacher constantly droning on and on with no interaction it just gets boring.

meghanns said...

1.We all learn to make ourselves more knowledgeable and to understand what is going on around us. To learn we must challenge ourselves to make us stronger and once we have learned we will recognize what is going on around us.
2. My role as a learner is to challenge myself to do my best. I will try to understand what we are doing at all times and to participate in all discussions.
3.A good student does all of their homework and turns it in on time. They pay attention, listen and learn during class. A good student participates in the discussions and constantly challenges the other students, but not in a negative way. They would never intentionally put another student down.
4.I expect a good, quality teacher explains everything thoroughly, and makes sure every student understands. They challenge their students to do their best. Also, they make the class an exciting place to learn by listening to the student’s opinions and making projects that are fun, but also educational.
5.I expect to learn how to write better than I do now. I would also like to come out of this class knowing more about literature.
6.The class needs to have a good relationship with each other. We should not put others down but challenge each other to do better. We need to communicate and to contribute in all the discussions.

TylerF said...

1) I believe that learning is something that is the most important aspect of life. Essentially we live to learn, however I don’t believe we must go to school to learn. Learning is something we can do wherever we go, whenever we want no classroom is required. From this perspective, learning is invaluable.
2) As a learner, my role is to absorb everything I am confronted with and take something away from each experience.
3) A good student needs to be genuinely sincere in their desire to learn. Through this they should put forth effort into class discussions, homework and projects.
4) A good teacher needs to want the best for their students and make a strong effort to keep their students attention, while still teaching their students.
5) I expect to walk away with a different perspective on something, whether it be as broad as the world , or as simple as a deeper appreciation for literature.
6) In order to help this kind of classroom exist, students must understand they may not always get along or be interested in the assignment, but that doesn’t mean we put in less effort. As long as we push ourselves and each other, and respect the teacher we can only hope for a great class.

Amy W said...

1) The value of learning is not only being able to walk away from whatever subject it may be with greater knowledge than before but also allows for more opportunities to expand our minds for what the world is all about.

2) My role as a learner is to do what I can to make sure I get the most out of what it is I'm learning and walk away with something of importance.

3) There are a few things that constitute a good student. To begin, of course a "good" student is going to be pretty serious about learning thus making sure they do what they can to listen and try their hardest during and outside of class. I also think a good student will try to take in the things the teacher is saying and overall making sure they will be successful.

4) In my opinion i think a good teacher will not only teach whats in the curriculum but go beyond that and do what he or she can to expand whats being taught and make it fun and interesting for the students.I also find that the best teachers are the ones who are willing to take that extra step to help out the students.

5)As you know I had you freshman year and I found not only did I enjoy the class because it was fun but I also learn a lot so I'm sure this class will be no different in that it will be fun and educational.

6)I think one big thing that makes a class a good environment is a mutual respect between the students and teacher, understanding that we each have opinions to voice and things to say but making sure we know when its right to talk and when its not. Also, if everyone is trying their best and doing what they can to make this class a fun and educational one there shouldn't be to many problems.

shelbys said...

1. The value of learning is very important because learning leads to future success in life. If you don’t learn then it will be hard for you to learn a subject and be successful at it.
2. My role as a learner is to have an open mind to what ever it is I’m learning and to be 100% focussed on the knowledge I receive. Learning also requires a person to ask questions and get help from the person teaching.
3. I expect myself and classmates to give respect to the teacher. And staying on task during class in order to get the maximum information given.
4. I expect my teacher to teach with enthusiasm and confidence. A good teacher is able to answer any question a student has or needs help with. I also expect the teacher to use teaching techniques that will help the class understand the material.
5. One expectation I have for this class in order to be great is that we all do our best work all the time and we help each other with everything that we can.
6. The class needs to show up to class on time ready to go. Everyone does there homework and participates in all class activities.

Erik said...

The value of knowledge I think that it is obtaining and to storage it for the rest of your life. My role as learner is to try to accumulate as much knowledge that I can threw my studying age. A good student is a student that has curiosity for learning, that does all that the teacher ask him and more just for the interest of learning. A good class should be the one that is formed by good students and that wants to all of the class to progress together. A good teacher is one that challenges you, that makes you work but also makes you have a good time in class, and that is what I would expect from you. I expect to learn lots of things that I didn’t know that I am eager to learn. In order to the class have a good time everybody has to give their best and help each order.

ky k. said...

1. The value of learning is for success. Although your knowledge isn't everything it helps give you opportunities. Learning also helps make you smarter so that you can make more of a difference in the world.
2. My role as a learner is to work hard on my education so I can make a difference in the world. I am trying to pay attention in school and work hard so I will get opportunities in the future.
3. A good student follows the class rules and respects his/her classmates. Not only that but they work really hard on their school work even if they aren't the smartest. For our class I expect us to respect each other and to try to become the best that we can.
4. What I expect of the teacher is to work hard to try and teach us what we are going to need to know, but also teach us about life not just being smart in school. Also a teacher should try and make the class fun so that the students want to learn.
5. What will make this class good is if while you grade our papers and assignments throughout the year we have made improvements. It would be great if you could tell distinct improvements from our work at the beginning of the year to our last assignments and papers.
6. For our class to be productive we all just have to put in effort and hard work to everything we do. We will make mistakes, but we just need to do our best to put in the effort. To make it fun we just have to be able to joke around sometimes and not make the class too serious but serious enough.

Katie H. said...

1) I think that the value of learning is to get as much experience as we can so that we can apply it later in life.
2) My role as a learner is to try and learn as much as I can before I have to actully apply it in my everday life.
3) I think that a good student is someone who respects others opinions even if they dont agree, and think about what they have to say or what their point of view is. They learn from what other people believe, because they might have different ways to think about something than we do.
4) I expect a good teacher to be willing to do what it takes if a student is struggling, even if they have to explain something over and over again. A good teacher should make learning fun so that it might be easier to grasp what we are trying to learn. A good teacher should be patient and listen to what the student thinks.
5) I expect to learn how to become a better writer.
6) I think for the class to be fun, but also be a good learning environment we all need to respect each other and pay attention to what others are saying. It needs to be kind of laid back in order to have fun, but still be productive at the same time.

Andy I said...

1) The value of learning is that knowledge is the only possession that can never be lost and therefore the only thing that is truly of worth.
2) The role of the learner is to absorb knowledge that is presented, seek knowledge that is not, use knowledge obtained, and to respect the instructor and class.
3) A good student needs to be respectful of others and of other's learning and should also learn for themselves.
4) I think a good teacher needs to be encouraging, helpful, and challenging to push students to do their best and learn the most.
5) I expect that this class will immensely harder then E-9 and E-10 and actually require effort.
6) The classroom needs to have students working on class assignments and paying attention to instructions.

Kris F. said...

1. Learning helps people in everyday life. It is key in understanding things on both school and life. School requires you to learn in order to pass quizzes. In life we learn to work with people, and to acquire knowledge about what is going on around us. 2. As a learner, are role is to work and to put effort into learning as much as possible in the time given. 3. A good student is someone that pays attention, does homework, and takes notes in class in order to obtain as much knowledge as possible. 4. I expect a lot from teachers because they are essential to learning. They need to have a lot of time to be able to help students out. They need to also be lenient, so that the children can not be too hard pressed because it causes stress. 5. I expect this class to be relatively easy because writing classes aren't meant to be hard. They are just supposed to improve writing skills. 6. This class needs to have less homework. Work causes students to dislike the class and start to put off some of the work. This can lead to failing grades. A fun learning environment is a class where students can come to and have a good grade, have fun with their teacher, and learn all at the same time.

Gereon H. said...

Knowledge is one of the most important things and resources in the modern world. Knowledge is used everywhere in the world. We get it by sharing and learning. If we don’t learn the things we need, we won’t be able to act in this world.

Learning is like a human-being, because when we came to this world, one of the first things was learning; learning to breath, learning to eat, learning all the things around us,...

The learning at school is not the same as we did before. It's not automatic. It's like work, sometimes hard work. But if we want to have a good job and a safe future, we have to take this opportunity.
We can just do our best. To me, I can't just learn, but I can learn the most important things, that keeps me going in this world.
And the other side isn't easier. Good teaching is inborn but you can support it with structured thinking. If there is one thing I know from Germany, then it is that the people have to be structured, accurate and progressive. Because these are things I miss here in the USA.
People are made by their environment. So I hope all students in this class are respectful to each other so that nobody has to feel uncomfortable with anything he says. If we have this basis, we will be able to have fun with our learning.

CodyK said...

1. The value of learning is for all of our futures. with out our educations were nothing, because almost every job in the world todays requires an education.
2. My role as a learner is to not disrupt my classes and try to learn as much as possible.
3. I think a good learner has good study habbits as well as the drive to wanna learn as much as they can. i also think to be a good student you need to have a good attitude towards whatever it is that your learning.
4. what i expect of you is just to be fair and to treat all students the same .
5. One expectation i have for this class that everyone has fun and learns alot.
6. I think everyone needs to work really hard but also enjoy whatever it is we are doing.

Allie S said...

1)The value of learning is that it is what advances this world, it is what makes society work like it does today. Learning is the basis of all business, science, literature, and any other careers. Without learning the world would never prosper, never move forard.
2) My role as a learner is to actively learn. It is so find what i am interested in and follow up with curiosity. My role is to never stop learning, to never stop taking interest.
3)A good student is one who actively listens, who is curios about the subject and who therefore does not disrupt the rest of the class. A good student does their work to the best of their ability and asks questions when necessary. I expect me and my classmates to do all of this. I expect us to be interested and anxious to continue our studies.
4) I expect a quality teacher to be able to engage the class with humor but know when to stop. I expect them to understand the life of a student and the stress of it but in addition to make sure everyone understands who is in charge. I expect a good teacher to teach the material in a manner that is appealing to teenagers and to do so thoroughly. I expect all of this of you.
5)This class will be a great class if the material is interesting to me. It will be a great class if the teacher is interested in the material and the class can be as well.
6) It must be orderly by the teacher. Humor must be played with but withdrawn when necessary. For a productive environment their must be time when the class is completely undercontrol and on-task. It will be a fun class if we can discuss things as they pertain to us.